Talking To Teens About S-e-x

While most adults agree  that teens are not ready for sex, the truth is, they are having it. Whether we want them to or not, it is a decision that you just cannot make for them.

You can give them the tools to make the correct decision, but in the end, the decision really is theirs. No matter how closely you watch them, if they really want to find a way, they will. They are teens after all.

So what responsibilities does that leave us parents with? How can we help our kids to make the right decision? What tools can we give them to make a more informed and educated decision?

It all starts at home, folks. You can’t expect your kids to make a good decision if you haven’t talked to them about it. And I don’t mean the “I-really-don’t-want-to-be-talking-about-this” “I’m-so-embarrassed-I’m-red-in-the-face” conversation. I mean straight talk about the responsibilities of sex. If they don’t hear it from you, where do you think they are going to get their information from? I’ll tell you. Friends, TV, friends, movies, friends, magazines…. and did I mention friends?

Talk to your kids. Plan out the conversation. Take notes if you have to. But talk to them. Even if they are the ones that end up red in the face, they WILL hear you. Even if they pretended not to. Don’t give them the choice to eek out of the conversation. It’s to important.

I know there are those of you who just cannot bring yourselves to talk to your kids about this. If that is the case, find another way to get them the information they need. One great way is a DVD called “Sex still has a price tag” featuring Pam Stenzel. There is a Christian version as well as a Public School Version. As of the date of this post, Amazon is out of stock, but you can purchase the book “Sex Has a Price Tag ” for $9.99. I guarantee your teen will read anything with the word “sex” in it. Just leave it on their bed while they’re at school. I believe the book has a Christian slant, which may or may not appeal to you.

If a DVD would be more effective, I believe you can get a copy at Pam Stenzel’s web site.

Either way you do it, PLEASE! Talk to your kids about sex. They will get the information one way or the other. Wouldn’t it be better if the information came from you?



God Wants You to Have Sex – and Lots of it

I wonder if membership at Relevant Church in Tampa, Florida increased this year after pastor Paul Wirth challenged – strongly encouraged is more like it – married folks within his congregation to have sex for a consecutive 30 days.

(For singles, abstinence was the challenge).

I can hear husbands all over America now: “honey, pack up the car, we’re moving to Florida!”

Yikes – and I thought I was an awesome wife for dishing it out three days in a row – but 30? On the request of a pastor? A religious leader? Well, it’s no secret God performs miracles, I just didn’t expect it to include a healthy pro-sex message delivered during Sunday School.

The idea behind the 30-Day Sex Challenge is to help couples improve their relationships and rediscover themselves.

The exercises in the workbook help jazz up the bedroom life while enhancing the bond between man and wife.

Kudos to Relevant Church for launching a healthy conversation about a natural activity between married couples.  

We’re going to give the 30-Day Sex Challenge a shot here. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. If you want to kick off your own 30 day challenge and post your thoughts along the way on our blog, pick up a copy of the book here — 30 day sex challenge: a journey to intimacy.