Sex Statistics

Sex StatisticsHere are some random statistics I’ve come across recently regarding sex.

  • 30% of women and 39% of men have tried Internet dating in their search for love. (I would be part of that percentage ~grin~)
  • 78% of women admit to enduring blind dates
  • 70% of women can’t stand a man who drinks to much. Bad breath is also a deal breaker for more than half of guys and gals, followed closely by smoking.
  • People have sex an average of 127 times a year.
  • Eastern Europeans (Hungarians, Bulgarians, and Russians) are the most sexually active at 150 times per year.
  • 48% of women fake orgasms. (Come on, admit it, you’ve done it to!)
  • Couples living together report having sex 146 times per year.
  • Married couples make love 98 times per year.
  • Single folks are having sex 49 times a year.
  • People around the world would rather go out with their friends than have sex. More than a fifth (22%) choose their peers rather than having sex with a partner (19%), while a further 10% prefer to either play sport or go shopping.

I think that last one says it all. We need to work on our sex lives folks! Let’s talk to each other about what we want and need in bed. Like relationships, sex takes work. It may be fun, but it still takes work to get it right. So practice, practice, practice! (Safely, of course!)


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