Romance 101 For Men

Romance 101So, I found several relationship articles by the same guy, and I just love how he writes about the topic.

He’s to the point, and really gets his ideas across in a language guys can understand.

The latest one I read was on how to romance a woman. Here’s a quote from the article:

Imagine your pride and joy is a Harley Davidson that you have been restoring. You look at her every time you walk past her. You buy her the best lube you can get your hands on. You think about her often… When you are out riding her, you notice the slightest change in the purr of the engine and investigate immediately to see if something needs attention. So why did you notice a gradual souring of your wife’s mood several months ago and just let it go un-dealt with?

See what I mean? His articles make total sense to both men and women. For all you women out there who feel like the roman got lost along the way, print the article and make your guy read it. I know my husband will be reading this article very, very soon!



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