5 Rules For Sensual Massage

Sensual MassageI was a massage therapist for 16 years. So I know a lot about massage. But the one avenue I never explored (with my husband, of course, not clients.), was sensual massage.

If you are a guy reading this, please note, that there is a HUGE difference between a regular massage, and a sensual one. A regular massage therapist will NEVER “go there” during a massage. So don’t even try, not matter how cute she is. Tip her well, and be on your way.

But if you want to learn some techniques for an evening in with your partner, there are 5 rules of sensual massage I’ve discovered.

The #1 rule of sensual massage is to make the non-sexual aspect of it last as long as possible. Sensual massage is all about “the tease”. It’s the anticipation of sexual gratification. The build up.

While it’s great to get really close to “those areas”, you should always stop just short of actually rubbing any erotic spots. Save that for the end. Teasing and tantalizing is what you’re going for here. Make him/her beg for it!

#2. Choose your oils carefully. A warming oil can be wonderfully erotic. You can pick up a bottle for cheap at your local drug store next to the condoms (usually).

If you choose a scented oil, be sure the scent isn’t to strong. Be sure to actually open the bottle and smell the oil before you buy it. Nothing kills the mood quicker than a bottle of oil that smells more like your stinky gym socks than the Cardamom Lily scent promised to you on the label.

Stay away from the really floral scents. They get annoying after smelling them for a while. If you must have a scented oil and can’t find one you like, purchase an unscented one, and add your own essential oil or perfume/cologne. Choosing a scent together is a great way to start the anticipation of the evening to come, and assures that you will enjoy the evening with a scent you can both tolerate.

#3. Use long, gentle strokes. Save the deep tissue massage for another day. This is all about turning your lover on.

#4.Use the flat of your hands. Don’t bother with finger tips. Keep full contact between your palms and your sweetie’s body at all times. Let your fingers mold over the curves as you go, but always keep the entirety of your palms in contact.

If you need a little more guidance than this, there is a great book and DVD set that teaches you how to do this type of massage. The Art of Sensual Massage (Book and DVD Set) It’s $34.95 + shipping for the set, or you can get just the book for $13.57  here –>The Art of Sensual Massage.

#5. Be sure that you have the floor well protected with a sheet (that you don’t mind getting stained with oil), and that any and all candles are well out of the way. You don’t want to knock a candle into a puddle of oil while you’re getting frisky. Not a good thing…. trust me. ~grin~

Let me know if these tips work for you!



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