FetishThere are so many fetishes out there. Some are relatively minor and some go to very exaggerated extremes. While I can’t possibly go into every fetish there is, my goal with this post is to give you general information on what some of the fetishes are.

According to DearSugar.com, there are three types of fetishes:

  1. Media: The type of material or the way something feels is what’s obsessed over. Media fetishes include silk, feathers, fur, or leather.
  2. Form: The shape of the object is what’s important here. Long, skinny stiletto heels, knee-high boots, and flowy lingerie fall into this category.
  3. Animate: These types of fetishes have anything to do with human body parts. That includes breasts, buns, bellies, necks, hair, etc.

But then there are also the S&M type of fetishes. Fetishes where people like to experience a certain amount of pain or restraint during sex. Examples are:

The thing with fetishes is this: No fetish is bad, and just because the neighbors dog barking sends you into lustful fantasies, doesn’t mean you’re a complete perv.

But if your fetishes are hurting you or somebody else, or if they are somehow effecting your daily life or the daily life of another person, you most likely want to seek help. You definitly need help if your fetishes involve children or animals.

However, if it’s just you and your fetishes having a grand ol’ time and not hurting so much as a flea, then have at it! Fetishes can be fun, and they can certainly spice things up in the bedroom (or anywhere else you may be!).



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