Sex 2.0

myblackbookThere’s a new website out there – several in fact – to help you track your sex life.

Whether you struggle to remember if you like your sweet spot pounded in the master bedroom verses the top of the washer or you want to recall the finer details from the last time you did it doggy-style, websites like Bedpost and My Black Book are designed for you.

Bedpost launched in 2008 and while it’s still in beta, it has 900 members so far. My Black Book started in 2005 and has more than 15,000 users. And the founders behind Boffery are working to launch the sexual mapping program.

The websites promise users the ability to privately catalog sexual trysts, make statistical pie charts and track their risk assessments for certain diseases, among other things.   

I don’t anticipate that I’ll be signing up at one of these websites any time soon – besides, what’s the point of this blog if I can’t document my deeds here? But how many people are really going to sign up using their real names and post the intimate details of giving head or having anal sex on the stairs?

You thought it was bad when a government agency loses 400,000 social security numbers or your boss discovers you dissed her on your MySpace page three months ago. Let the world know you like whip cream slathered on the folds of your vagina and see how grandma greets you at the next family reunion.

I’ll definitely create an alias if I ever decide to jump on board with one of these websites, but I’m curious about what you think: has the web gone too far? Or should the Internet play a BIGGER role in our sex lives?




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