God Wants You to Have Sex – and Lots of it

I wonder if membership at Relevant Church in Tampa, Florida increased this year after pastor Paul Wirth challenged – strongly encouraged is more like it – married folks within his congregation to have sex for a consecutive 30 days.

(For singles, abstinence was the challenge).

I can hear husbands all over America now: “honey, pack up the car, we’re moving to Florida!”

Yikes – and I thought I was an awesome wife for dishing it out three days in a row – but 30? On the request of a pastor? A religious leader? Well, it’s no secret God performs miracles, I just didn’t expect it to include a healthy pro-sex message delivered during Sunday School.

The idea behind the 30-Day Sex Challenge is to help couples improve their relationships and rediscover themselves.

The exercises in the workbook help jazz up the bedroom life while enhancing the bond between man and wife.

Kudos to Relevant Church for launching a healthy conversation about a natural activity between married couples.  

We’re going to give the 30-Day Sex Challenge a shot here. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. If you want to kick off your own 30 day challenge and post your thoughts along the way on our blog, pick up a copy of the book here — 30 day sex challenge: a journey to intimacy.



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