Not in the mood?

female6If you’re a woman, and you’re  just not “in the mood”, you’re not alone.

More than 31,000 women were surveyed recently in America.

Nearly one in 10 women reported low desire with sexually-related personal distress, a problem that can be a primary medical condition known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD)…


Many women reported a low sexual desire with the onset of stress, medication, or due to another illness such as depression.

Ladies, if you have a lot going on in your life, let’s face it. Sex is often the first thing to go. You just don’t feel like getting all romantic when you’ve got a screaming baby to calm, a husband/partner to feed, a house to clean, a mother-who-fell-and-broke-her-ankle-and-needs-you-to-do-everything-for-her situation, all while you are trying to work full time. Something’s gotta give. If your significant other just can’t seem to find their way clear to helping you out a bit, they will just have to sacrifice some bedroom time.

Do NOT feel guilty, and do NOT let anyone else try to make you feel that way either. This is an actual medical condition that can be treated.

Personally, I think treatment should involved a day at the spa. But that’s just me. And since insurance won’t cover that, I guess we’ll just have to find other ways to relax a little.

The point is, don’t feel guilty. A lack of sexual desire affects us all at one point or another. Just take a deep breath, and carve out some alone time for yourself.

As the famous saying goes, this to shall pass. (With a little help)



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