Single Girl Seeks Married Man

Dating a Married ManAccording to an article on, the single girl has taken on a whole new method of man hunting.

Apparently, a ring on a man’s finger is your latest G spot if you are single.

But I ask you… Why would you want a married man?

Yes, the article goes on to explain that women like men who have already proven they can commit to, support, and love a woman. It says that a married man comes with some sort of strange “seal of approval” from another woman (his wife). This apparently makes him the best catch of the day (or night).

But ladies, while a married man has indeed proven these things, let me tell you what else he’s proven by putting that ring on his finger.

  • He’s proven he can drink the last of the milk and put the empty container back in the fridge for you to find.
  • He’s proven he could keep your entire home town fueled and running by his own personal source of natural gas.
  • He’s proven that when the baby is crying at 3 am, and you’ve worked a longer day than he has, he will somehow find a way to make you get up out of bed to give the screaming infant a bottle, while he snoozes peacefully.
  • He’s proven that he can in fact make the earth. But not from wild and crazy sex, from the roof raising snores that keep you up all night long.

Grant it, if you are dating a married man, you don’t have to put up with all of these things. But you should know, that no man is perfect, including the married man you may be dating.

I should also mention, that if you do manage to steal him away from his wife, you will always wonder if somebody will steal him away from you. Because once he’s been stolen the first time, he’s much more likely to be open to being “stolen” again.

Don’t spend your entire relationship wondering if he’ll leave, or find somebody else, or go back to his wife. Get your own man. There ARE good ones out there, if you really look.

One last thought: You need to decide how much integrity you have.

To get more information on this subject, I highly recommend reading this book: Dating a Married Man: Memoirs from the “Other Women” $9.99 + Shipping at



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