Safe Sex

Safe SexSafe sex is a topic that everyone who is sexually active should be concerned about. In the age of AIDS and so many other potentially life threatening diseases, you just can’t have sex responsibly without being educated about safe sex.

I was surfing the web today regarding this topic, and ran across  a wonderful blog. It has everything you ever wanted to know about safe sex.

And please people, use condoms! This is 2009 for heaven’s sake! Get with the program! It only takes a second to put it on, and you’ll have much more peace of mind after you’ve “moved on”. If you are to embarrassed to buy them at the store, get them on the web for free, or go to your nearest Planned Parenthood. Whatever you do, just be safe. It only takes one time to make you wish you had never slept with him/her. So be safe my dears!



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